Your Guide Through The Probate Process

Probate is the legal process used to settle a loved one's estate after they have passed away. Typically it involves settling a loved one's remaining debts, taxes and distributing their assets. If you have been named the executor of your loved one's estate in their will or by the court, then you will be responsible for these tasks.

Helping You Fulfill Your Role As An Executor

As the executor, also known as the personal representative, you will have authority to access your loved one's estate details and tax information. The process can be easier if your loved one wrote a will. You will need to carry out the listed responsibilities. There is less decision-making required on your part to probate a will. Even so, it is important to receive help from an attorney to complete the process accurately. Minor mistakes on your part can lengthen the time and cost required to complete probate.

It is especially important if you have been named the executor in probate court. You must make decisions about administering their assets and accurately complete documentation. As an experienced probate attorney, I can help you complete the process as accurately and promptly as possible. With over 30 years of legal experience, I understand the court process well. You may face issues or contests to the will during this process. As a former litigator, I can help protect your interests while we work together to fulfill your loved one's wishes.

Arrange An Appointment With A Probate Attorney

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